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As far as I know there was no limit set on the "x", from them.

In the '80s I went for 3x.  But last trip, I only managed 2x and I was SOBO --  
old age I guess.

Glad to hear breakfasts are still talked about. That's good.  Anyone know if 
it is still an (n)x deal?


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Carla & Dave Hicks wrote:
> How many did you have for breakfast?
> So, did Keith, Sr invite you to see something in the "store" or elsewhere 
> then
> just happen to find a couple of beers?
> What are the reports on the place w/o Pat & Keith, Sr?

Ya know, I'm not sure how many I had...but, I think I went 3x...did he
do 3x??  I DO remember the amazing blueberry pancakes and bacon! I put
that breakfast in the top ten memories of the hike...(even though I
apparently don't remember it)

Yes, Keith showed us the store. And, he even took us to a real grocery
store (Greenville?).  I don't recall drinkin' any beer, though.  The
what/what that I've heard is that the place is operated a bit more
'professionally' maybe.  And, the breakfasts are still talked about.
So...I'd guess that's good 

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