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Jerry, you always did have a way with words, lol! If anyone needs translation help, let me know. I am fluent in Jerry. LMFAO! 

I have been very busy these last few years. I went back to school and moved up the law ladder, so to speak. I also got heavily into campaigning, as the attorney I worked for had decided to run for judge T'was something I thoroughly enjoyed. We had... um... HEATED discussions as he was a republican and I am a far left leaning liberal democrat. However, I believed in him.. I believed he could set aside his personal beliefs and follow the law. Additionally, he did a ten year stint in the Broward County State Attorney's office, prosecuting sex crimes. Prior to running for judge, he spent nearly 15 years in private practice as a criminal defense attorney. So I thought he was a good candidate having spent time on both sides of the isle. Him and his law partner specialized in defending homicides and sex crimes. It was interesting to say the least. 

He won the seat for Circuit Court Judge about the time I had finished my degree so I went with him as his judicial assistant. I worked in chambers with him, rarely spending anytime at all in the courtroom. I was always on standby with my iPhone (before, I had a Blackberry) ready to look up case law on a case he would be trying, and I could send it to his Blackberry without my ever having to print anything up and bring it to him in court - thus I made him look brilliant! Like he knew this case law off the top of his head! Ha! 

He didn't show up for court one morning. I was in the office and he wasn't there, so I had assumed he had already taken the bench. He was usually in the office way before me, so this wasn't an unusual occurrence. Around 10:00, I got a call from his state attorney from the courtroom, asking me where Judge Kaplan was. I told her that I assumed he was in court with her. She said she hadn't seen him all morning and there was a courtroom full of people waiting on him. I got mad... Charlie (Judge Kaplan) was single and often went out drinking and partying. I figured he had overslept after a night of drinking. I knew he had a date the night before, soooo... 

I called his cell. No answer. I called his house. No answer. So, at 10:30 I decided to go to his house. He had a condo on the beach not too far from the courthouse. I was cussing him out the entire way over there. I walked into the lobby of the building and spoke to one of the security guards working at the front desk. I knew them all because I spent a lot of time at Charlie's house while he was campaigning. I asked them to see if Charlie's car was in the garage and they did... and it was there. That's when I started to worry. 

I had the security guard page the building manager (whom I also knew) and I explained the situation to her. She agreed to unlock the door and allow me to go into his apartment. When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was that all the lights were on. It was broad daylight and no need for all the lights. I also noticed bags of groceries on the dining room table, containing items that needed to be refrigerated. I freaked out... I ran into his bedroom where I found him in bed with no clothes on, but covered with a sheet up to his chest, sound asleep. I yelled at him to wake up. I yelled and yelled and shook him and yelled some more. He wouldn't wake up. I slapped him and yelled at him and shook him some more and he would NOT wake up. The next thing I knew, the building manager and paramedics were there, pulling me off of him, telling me it was too late... He was gone. 

I lost my boss and my job and one of my best friends all in that moment. I apparently shook and yelled at Charlie for nearly ten minutes.... The building manager couldn't get my attention or pull me away from him. I hardly remember this... 

The chief judge of Broward County took pity on me and kept me on as a "floater" until I secured a job clerking for a Circuit Civil Judge, something I had NEVER done before and had no legal expertise in. What a nightmare! He retired on me and I once again found myself in the unfortunate position of looking for yet another Judge or job. My dream job came through last June when I got a job working for Judge Merrigan, a newly appointed judge. He's only a little older than I, so I figured I was set until the day I retired. He's a good man, puts up with me and my loud and boisterous ass, and a damn good judge. Six months into my career with him, he got an opponent for this year's election. 

So, here I am again, campaigning my heart out for my current judge, hoping to GOD he wins so that I have a job come August 24th. I don't see how he can lose, though. Unless he wins with the JNG (Jewish Name Game). His opponent hasn't campaigned hardly at all and my judge has gotten all the big endorsements. My judge is a decorated war hero. He is Colonel in the Army Reserves and has 250 troops all over the world to whom he oversees. He's got 20 years legal experience and is a wonderful father to his two daughters and a good husband to his wife, Attorney Tamara Rimes. His opponent? He's a DUI lawyer with 12 years experience doing NOTHING but traffic and DUI cases. The only way this guy can win is if those people who vote by name only come out in droves and vote for Golburgh. I have absolutely NOTHING at all against Jewish people, but when they play the JNG to win elections, it pisses me off! So there. 

Kenny and I finally tied the knot, but I'm still Kelly Goins. I didn't change my name. Hell, I had this name for 40 years and I ain't changing it now for the love of all things holy. Besides, Kelly Lee (say it fast!) sounds STUPID! So there. 

We changed the icky green countertops, along with a thousand other things in our 1960's nightmare of a home. It has officially been brought up to date! So there! 

What else? That's about it, I reckon. I've become a homebody, rarely leaving the house except to go out to eat... and NO WHERE fancy.. I don't have the wherewithal to get all dolled up to out to eat anymore. Give me Crabby Jack's and a plastic bib and a plate full of king crab legs and I'm a happy clam. So there. 

I still have occasional run-ins with Palmetto Bugs and I'm still prone to having weird things happen to me (like that one time in Miami when that Haitian Lady just got in my car and told me that I was the chosen one to take her to the bus stop, which was just across the street.... yeah... Only me....) but I like my life and all it's weirdness. So there. 

Now that I have rambled on and on (off topic, off course) I will let yinz get back to the (on) topics at hand. Happy Sunday everyone and happy hiking to those who are lucky enough to be out there doing it! 

My biggest hugs to you all,

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I don't use'lee say much on here, just a 
trip report every coupla YEARS, but Kelly's who'd brung me inta the at-l, and 
mosta my epistles had somethintado with Kelly, so here's a toast to 
Kellygovols's return to the conversations, and i will listen quietsilently in, 
glass to the wall.
Hi Kelly...

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