[at-l] But, ironically it did work out.... Re: Well, that didn't work out,

Tenacious Tanasi tenacious_tanasi at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 19 22:09:46 CDT 2010

Jim & Ginny,

I'm so very glad that you have found a home.  Chambersburg seemed rather nice 
when we recently rolled through.  

I did want to state that .... plans... a, b, c.... z... they are really the 
journey.  I learned this the most difficult way as you and many others know.  I 
made poor life decisions, and yes I'm still paying for... will pay for... those 
poor choices.

But, there is a great freedom to the soul to finally allow ourselves to go with 
the flow, wouldn't you say?  For so long I was forced into a life that was not 
mine... was being someone that I was not. I was forcing the journey... only I 
figured out I was on the wrong path.  

Making better life decisions can sometimes be painful and getting to where you 
envision yourself to be can be excruciatingly painful.  But, learning to be 
flexible in the journey... to roll with the punches and to continue on... these 
are such invaluable experiences to be discovered there.

There is a lesson to be learned in every step of this wild and crazy journey.  
I'm just glad that I got back into hiking when I did so that it helped to 
prepare me and I could learn the life lessons out there hiking that taught me 
how to take the journey as it comes... AND how to make better and smarter 
decisions in life.

So, I guess we could say that... ironically things have worked out... and in my 
case... for sooooo much the better.

 Tenacious Tanasi

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