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> Hello Friends --
> This isn't my usual Wild Wind newsletter, but I've wanted to let
> many of you know of some recent challenges.  I returned home to
> Montana in mid-Mayintent on planning my next long trek and doing
> all kinds of projects I've had my heart set on.  But almost immediately
> I started experiencing breathing and fatigue problems.  The long,
> difficult ordeal of dealing with our health care system began, and I
> saw doctors in Helena, Seattle, and Billings with no good answers
> as to what was happening to me.   In July I started getting daily fevers
> that knocked me further down.  Finally, I had a doctor who checked
> me into the hospital where I stayed for 12 days as they did test after
> test to halt the fevers.  It was there in the Billings hospital a couple
> days into my visit that I learned that my cancer had metastasized,
> reappearing in my liver.
> Needless to say, things aren't looking real good.  I've canceled my
> touring and am going through chemo treatments here in Helena.  I'm
> hoping (and planning) on getting some quality time returned to me
> after going through these treatments, but it looks like I'll be on chemo
> the rest of my life.  I would love to have my energy back and be able
> to do some things I'd like to do in the months (and perhaps years)
> ahead.  After all, I do have l lots of songs I'd still like to record!!
> I'm sorry to share this sad news, but I know how important it is to
> have thoughts and prayers and energy coming my way right now.
> You all have helped me in that department before and I hope you'll
> hold me in your light once again.
> I also wanted to get the word out about my Medical Fund.  This is
> something set up several years ago but has been a great help with
> all the medical bills.  A big THANK YOU who have supported me in
> the past with contributions. Since I won't be working again it is
> something that will really pull me through with the dealings with
> health care.  You can access it at the NTAF site here:
> http://tinyurl.com/2745osx  [~~ew took the liberty of shortening it!]
> or go to my website page about it here:
> http://www.walkinjim.com/Jims_Medical_Fund.php
> ...for now I leave you with a quote from a Leonard Cohen song...
> "There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."
> My life has given me a lot of cracks....and thus, a lot of light to
> guide my way wherever I may go.
> Love and Happy Trails,
>   -- Walkin' Jim
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