[at-l] NJ/NY Section

Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Tue Aug 24 15:10:50 CDT 2010

  On 8/24/2010 4:04 PM, Ofahoma wrote:
> 1) I have that section referred to as the "Deli Run" as 
> there seems to be, particularly in NY, a deli or small 
> grocery with a deli at virtually every road crossing. I 
> was wondering in your experences, what were the good ones, 
> bad ones, and were you able to substantially lessen your 
> food bags during this part of your hikes? Or, otherwise 
> save weight?

absolutely and most definitely!   My favorite, for some 
reason, is Tony's...just up from the railroad crossing on Rt 
22 (or, is it 55?). There is also a good one about .3 from 
the Trail on W. Mombasha Rd. (I believe it is still open). 
They're all good...cuz, how hard is it to make a sandwich? 
And, most have a freezer of Ben and Jerrys...

> 2) I have heard of a section in this section in NY 
> referred to as the "Agony Grind." Where is this exactly or 
> is it the whole NY section? I thought that NY calmed down 
> after Bear Mt/Hudson River.

Hmmm...never heard that...other than a few folks I know 
would call it that BECAUSE of all the road crossings and delis.

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