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Hi everyone!  I met Wren today going up Kinsman as I was coming down, so I
must've missed meeting you by just a couple of hours!  Last night I was
tenting just below treeline south of Kinsman south peak, got up this morning
and got over the peaks before the rain got going good, but you're right, it
was a wild day coming off that thing in the pouring rain!  Glad I got most
of the southside ascent in yesterday afternoon!
Drying out and warming up in Lincoln now, my brother joins me tomorrow for
several days of hiking.  I'm pretty excited about that.
Regarding signs of fall, last Wed I saw my first scarlet maple leaf of the
hike, laying in the trail.  Trtees are not scarlet, just random leaves I
See y'all!

On Aug 25, 2010 4:16 PM, "Art Cloutman" <Art at crystalacresnh.com> wrote:
> I went up to Franconia Notch on tuesday to do some field editing for
> the companion. Stopped by Glencliff. Bag o Tricks was there but all
> of the hikers had headed north before I arrived (around 10:00 AM). I
> am terrible with names so don't remember all of the hikers that I ran
> into as I did my rounds. Picked up a NOBO just south of the post
> office heading into Calamity Janes for an early lunch. Went to
> Kinsman Notch and found two older ladies - one close to retirement as
> a phys ed instructor the other had fallen coming down Kinsman North.
> It took her two days from where she fell to get to the notch. I
> brought these SOBO's to Chet's where I did some up dating and a lot
> of talking (you know why they call me Gabby). Headed back to Kinsman
> Notch to gather information from Lost River Gorge. There I ran into
> two more SOBO's needing a ride into Lincoln/N.Woodstock. Stopped at
> the Woodstock Inn for information and offered a ride up to Franconia
> Notch to three hikers. They refused since they were SOBO's and
> needed to get back to Kinsman Notch. Stopped at the Flume after
> checking out a couple of other places in N. Woodstock. At the
> AT/Flume trailhead I met Wren another SOBO who was just getting back
> on the trail after being in town. She thinks she must be one of the
> very last south bound thru hikers. Very nice girl having a good time
> on the trail.
> It has been raining something fierce today with extreme winds and
> temps in the lower 60's. Not a very good day for hikers. I hope
> everyone who set out yesterday was able to get down from the higher
> exposed areas today. I've been up there too often during this kind
> of weather. It can be exciting and dangerous.
> Gabby
>>I was at the Crawford Notch trailhead from Saturday to Monday, about
>>48 hours. Not many hikers passed by because of cool & wet
>>conditions. The high temp on Sunday was 50 F making it more
>>difficult to sit at the trailhead than to go for a hike! Many of the
>>hikers were holed-up at the huts & hostels so only half of the
>>expected hikers came by. The weather is already improved in the
>>Whites so the hikers should be on the move again.
>>Phat Chap, Uncle Walt and Bag o'Tricks stopped by for a visit,
>>cheering me up considerably. I promised to swing by Glencliff to see
>>them at Hikers Welcome on Monday and was glad I did.
>>The hikers, all northbound were:
>>Evan (aka Bourbon)
>>Michael J. Fox (aka MJ)
>>Master Chief
>>Ron from Camden
>>Toothpick & Little Aspen (did 17+ miles from Garfield Shelter in wet
>>Powder and his dog Russel
>>Stryder (the 2nd one this year)
>>Over at Kinsman Notch I gave a ride to Waddles and Kpin, section hikers.
>>At Glencliff, in addition to 3 I mentioned, were Mala and Lion King!
>>While chatting with them 2 hikers came in: Bulldog (Mike Hanson) &
>>Hitchcock. I went over the maps for Glencliff to Crawford and gave
>>them more details about how the huts operate. Bulldog says he does a
>>basic 8 miles each day, sometimes as much as 10. They were planning
>>to take Tuesday off and then head up Moosilauke today, Wednesday. I
>>can vouch for how blind Mike is compare with Zero-Zero from a couple
>>years ago. Mike is a bit older than Z-Z, uses a white cane around
>>the hostel. I believe he is still leading himself along the trail
>>when he can, and accepts help from others as needed. Hitchcock is
>>hiking with him everyday and is documenting the hike.
>>Arthur Gaudet (RockDancer)
>>Rockdancer97 at comcast.net
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