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Re: Frozen shoes/boots -- more so with the boots (of days of old) than with today’s low-tops.

Tricks I learned for boots was 1) to be sure to prop them open with a stick at night (so I could get my feet in them in the morning) and 2) to lay the laces out straight (so when they froze it was easier to lace/tie them). 

Also, remembering to retighten and retie them, after a mile or so.  I could never get them snug when frozen.

FWIIW, I was never one to put cold or wet stuff in my sleeping bag.

Re: cowboy coffee 

If there is no snow to melt, remember to pour water in the cookpot the night before.  Just put the pot on the stove to thaw the block of ice.  Once it is warm, put  your water bottle in the pot (lid down) to thaw it.  Once you can unscrew the lid, pour the warm water in bottle to thaw the rest.  Then make the coffee.

Anyone else make their coffee and oatmeal in a shelter while still in their sleeping bag? 

Ah, the memories.



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On 12/2/2010 10:37 AM, Frank Looper wrote:
> Wet socks; frozen shoes; cowboy coffee.
>Ya gotta put them shoes in the bag with ya at night, If you can stand it 
>that is.

Another option is to put your boots in the pack, insulate with some clothes (etc) and put a nalgene of hot water wrapped up with them.  Hopeful

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