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If there is no snow to melt, remember to pour water in the cookpot the night before.  Just put the pot on the stove to thaw the block of ice.  Once it is warm, put  your water bottle in the pot (lid down) to thaw it.  Once you can unscrew the lid, pour the warm water in bottle to thaw the rest.  Then make the coffee. 

Anyone else make their coffee and oatmeal in a shelter while still in their sleeping bag? 

Ah, the memories. 


Oh yes, more than once. I'd get the little drink can stove going and then pull the bag up until I heard the water boiling. 

I remember one brisk morning at Abingdon Gap shelter. Don't know how cold it got but Bob Peoples told me later that at Kencora it got down to +8F. Well, I had filled my cook pot with water the night before, knowing that in the morning there would just be a block of ice. When I finally got brave enough to emerge from my sleeping bag, I tried to take the lid off to see the ice. It's not like I had never seen ice before, I just had this strange desire to see the ice. Anyway the lid was froze to the pot. I pulled and tugged but it wouldn't budge. My shelter mate eventually rolled over and ask why I didn't just light the stove. Within a minute the lid came right off. Sure enough the water was froze.  I really should not be held accountable for anything I do before my morning coffee. Hopeful
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