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*9:00 PM*  I'm so glad we have the shelter all to ourselves tonight Mike.
I'm going to go check out that new outhouse.  The humming noise has stopped,
so that must mean it's all clean and ready to use !  Here don't you want to
take this light honey.  No, no you're using it to read the guidebook.  I'll
be fine - it even has one of those little solar security lights on the

*9:02 PM*  Wilhelm had dozed off again , and his throat was so dry he just
couldn't sing another song, Wilhelm was worried .

Judy was right there was a light on the front of the privy as she walked up
the ramp and opened the door.  It was a little dark inside as she turned
around to shut the door.  What a nice outhouse she thought, probably the
best one onthe whole AT !

*9:05 PM  *Mike jumped right out of his bag as soon as he heard the
high-pitched screams of his wife coming from behind the lean-to.  By the
time he was off the front of the lean-to Judy was coming around the corner.

"  I, I, I saaaa aa ttt on something !"   "I, felllllttttt somethinggggg !"
screamed his wife.   "There', theere's somethin on my butt !" "I feelt
somethin !"

"Look!"  and with that Judy turned around , Mike raised the flashlight and
yep, you guessed it.

There were clearly 2 vibram- soled footprints each pointed at a 45 degrree
angle on the Mrs. white alabaster american booty.

Oh geez calm down Judy !  It's just those screy thru hikers pulling another
practical joke.  Probably those guys we saw today.

I'll show you.  They both headed back to the lean to which was humming even
louder now and the light was even flickering as they reached the ramp.
Milke opened the door and shined his light over the two boots facing botoms
up on the seat.  They both started laughing .

The humming stopped.

A faint sound came from under the seat "  Mi -woh, Mi--wohh!"

Judy thought she saw the right boot move when Mike went to grab the left
boot to show his wife that there was nothin to be scared about.

The boot felt like it was stuck so Mike pulled harder and it flew straight
up.revealing a neon yellow sock with the letter "MG"  in big black letter
across the middle.   Now there was no mistaking it  the voice was coming
from down IN the toilet.

"Heeellllllpppppppp !"    Mike grabbed the other boot and the same thing
happened the boot shot straight up but this time the foot slid down into the
privy !

"Helllllppppppp !"  came the voice agian.

Mike still had hold of one sock but it was stretching big time.

Little Wilhelm knew how far his little polypro unionsuit could stretch and
that was by no means a good thing.  He had maybe 2" of clearance now which
called for drastic measures !  He stretched out his arms as far as he could
and was able to grab the cable for the fan on one side while is hand could
reach the elbow on the vent tube on the other side.

Mike was still pulling up on what he thought was just a sock.

The sock just kept coming and coming which caused the tension to get tighter
and tighter on the polypro suit.

Wilhem's grip was slipping as he tried to get his loose leg straight.

Somethin" had to give !  And that somethin' was Little Wilhelm Parapacker
when Judy grabbed hold of her husband to help him pull. Wilhelm's hand came
off and he shot feet first straight up through the privy seat at the same
time Judy and Mike were falling backwards out the privy door and down the

Wilhelm flew with so much polypropylean force right out of the *mystery
privy* and straight up into the night sky that Mike and Judy never knew they
had just saved Poor Little Wilhelm Parapacker's life. .

The Bamaman AT '81

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