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Sat Dec 4 20:24:11 CST 2010

--- On Sat, 12/4/10, Pat <krozby at zoominternet.net> wrote:

> > I am starting a thru hike of the AT NoBo around march
> 15th. I have a 20 degree sleeping bag...      I am
> > thinking Damascus would be the place to swap out my bag.
> Not that much warmer. Your starting pretty early Id figure
> on keeping it till Pearisburg.
> Pat

### IceAxe! Welcome to the at-l! I very much enjoyed your reports from the cdt this past year, and look forward to similar AT-joy this coming summer. The enthusiasm of your writing for hiking is infectious.

I don't have time to "shop" MLD's current offerings this evening, but I'm a big fan of theirs (his!), and have a pack and a down half-bag elephant's foot that has seen some fun mid-summer, Mid-Atlantic AT-type hikes. So here's the short deal:

Krozby The Hiker quotes solid conventional wisdom in saying "Keep your 3-season gear until after Damascus/MT ROGERS." Half of my month-of-May visits (10?) have been in snow, including Memorial Day. You'll feel foolish carrying that much insulation in 60°-85°, but if you get tagged by a 3-day blow for that one 50 mile stretch, that could suck more.

After Rogers, you're pretty much set through the southern foot of the Whites, being the storied Mt. Mooselauke/N. Woodstock. If you send winter gear to the Glencliff hostel, you'll be set for the northern end (baring increasing P(difficulty) @ Glastonbury VT, and Smarts and Cube in NH).

What does "set" mean? I'd go with the 45° set-up, knowing you can pile some fine cheap insulation (a $15 Target fleece hoodie or $10 BigLots fleece "sleeping bag") if things get marginal at either end. You sleep in a lightweight bivy? Very helpful. AND FLEXIBLE.

And yeah, the humidity will give you a different challenge than you've had. WATER UP. And stay clean, or Ewwwwww.

cdt-l reader

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