[at-l] Quilts for the summertime AT

Black Wolfe blackwolfe at charter.net
Sat Dec 4 20:47:34 CST 2010

> I am starting a thru hike of the AT NoBo around march 15th. I have a 20 
> degree sleeping

> bag to start with(I even have a zero degree bag but it seems unlikely I 
> will want that)

20 seems to be the standard, but that early it might be a little light. 
FWIW; there is no standard for the temperature ratings.

> but it seems I might want to switch to a lighter sleep system for the 
> height of summer on

> the AT. I am thinking Damascus would be the place to swap out my bag.

Damascus might be a little early; you still have Mount Rodgers ahead of you.

> My question for the list is: If you had a choice between a system rated at 
> 45 degrees or

> one at 30 degrees, which one would be more appropriate for the summertime 
> AT?

I was very cold overnight at Sages Ravine in August in a 40 degree bag. 
Bear Rock Falls was more than10 degrees warmer, however I was not smart 
enough to move that little bit up the trail.

> I don't have a synthetic sleep system in my "arsenal" so the AT

> seems like a good candidate to try it out on.

Down carries better, but does need more care on the AT to keep dry.

> -Iceaxe

Black Wolfe

Bruce W.

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