[at-l] Weather craziness

Art Cloutman Art at crystalacresnh.com
Sun Dec 5 16:47:55 CST 2010

Actually I was dubbed Gabby by Little Timmy Tuckered out at Speck 
Pond Shelter after talking Timmies ear off while hiking through 
Mahoosuc Notch.  I met Felix for the first time later that same day 
on my way down Old Speck into Grafton Notch.

>And that's where "Gabby" was earned, if I remember the whole story, 
>right? memoryisinconveniantoe --- On Sun, 12/5/10, Art Cloutman 
><Art at crystalacresnh.com> wrote: > I remember skiing at Killington 
>many years back.  While riding up the > mountain on the chairlift I 
>passed through such a dramatic change in > temperature that both 
>lenses on my glasses broke. Then ran into > trouble when I 
>accidently walked into the ladies room in the lodge to > check my 
>eyes for glass chips.  A lady came in and helped me cross > over to 
>the men's room after I explained my dilemma. >


Life is Good!!!
Art Cloutman

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