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Sun Dec 5 21:48:06 CST 2010

I know as the holidays approach that everyone has been on the edge of their seats to learn more detailed information concerning the weather. So, I emailed my brother who is a meteorologist and this is part of the reply he sent regarding temperature layers: 

>You are correct there is a "thermocline" in the atmosphere also.  It is call an "inversion."  There are several >types : Radiational Inversion, Subsidence Inversion, Frontal Inversion, and Tropopause.  There could be other >types, but I cannot remember at this instance.  Please refer to the Nashville, TN, upper air site at this address : >http://www.weather.unisys.com/upper_air/skew/skew_KBNA.html 

Well, I am sure y'all can hardly contain your excitement so in the coming months there will surely be many threads spawn by this revelation! I wonder what the parapackers can do with this kind of news?   Hopeful 
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