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I have been a summer time section hiker on the AT for the past 11 
years. I started with a 45 degree bag in the early years but after 
sweating profusely at night, I finally graduated to a fleece bag liner 
 from REI. That's all. There have been a few nights when I got cool but, 
typically, this has been all I required. Now, let me add that I am a 
polar bear and sweat during the height of winter. So, I am a little 
more hot natured (at least that is what my wife tells me) than most. 

I have also heard that you may want to hang onto your warmer sleep gear 
past Damascus. Wouldn't know where to tell you where to ditch it but, 
in 2009, when I was hiking through the Shennies, it got down into the 
upper 40's one night. So, it will still get cold a few more weeks past 
when you should go through Damascus.

Also, I am a hammocker. So, in addition to the bag liner, I use a quilt 
below. For Christmas, I am getting a No Sniveller from Jacks R Better 
to go along with my Shenendoah quilt that I use as an underquilt. This 
will give me two under quilt options for the cooler nights plus, I will 
use my bag liner to sleep on top of with the other quilt as a top 
cover. Should be better equipped for the cooler nights. Not that they 
were bad particularly, just a tad cool when I could have been more 

Have a great hike. I am jealous of all thru hikers who manage to 
continue to get paid while taking 6 months off from work to thru. 
Haven't figured out how to convince my boss that this makes sense. So, 
section I must.

Cody, Is that you?


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Hello Everybody!
I am starting a thru hike of the AT NoBo around march 15th. I have a 20 
degree sleeping bag
to start with(I even have a zero degree bag but it seems unlikely I 
will want that) but it seems
I might want to switch to a lighter sleep system for the height of 
summer on the AT. I am
thinking Damascus would be the place to swap out my bag.
Well I have never been back east. I have heard it is much warmer and 
more humid than
either the PCT or CDT.
My question for the list is: If you had a choice between a system rated 
at 45 degrees or one at 30 degrees,
which one would be more appropriate for the summertime AT?
I have a multitude of options and I have been making everyone crazy on 
Whiteblaze etc
so I though I would bring my madness here as well.
In particular I am now looking at the Mountain Laurel Designs Spirit 
They come at a subjective rating of 30 or 45 degrees.
I don't have a synthetic sleep system in my "arsenal" so the AT seems 
like a
good candidate to try it out on.
I am not spamming.. but here is the link to those quilts: 
I realize a lot has been written everywhere on the topic but
I find it so much more interesting to get live, up to date, responses 
from people.
Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this subject.
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