[at-l] "There's a Bug on My Plate" ...or... how eArThworm could be a cannibal

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Lee I. says his posts aren't getting thru to AT-L and asked me to forward this.  
If it DID go thru to AT-L previously, please let him know.  Thx.  ~~ eArThworm

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> Actually, we still eat "bugs", with gusto even! Americans and 
> Europeanslove lobster and shrimp and these are technically "bugs". 
> We use the
> term to interchangeably label almost everything in the phylum 
> Arthropodawhich  includes the insects, arachnids, crustaceans, and 
> others.
> Around thirty years ago I was being shown around a local seafood
> company's new, state-of-the-art seafood processing facility which
> included a large refrigerated lobster holding tank that they used for
> interim storage of lobsters flown in from Maine before being sold to
> local restaurants. The owners were extremely proud of the facility but
> were puzzled as to why the lobster kept dieing despite the most 
> carefulattention to their care.  Hearing their plaint I pointed 
> across the room
> to a can of  insecticide labeled "fly spray" and asked if they had 
> usedthat in the room. They replied that yes they had. "YOU killed the
> lobsters yourself, lobsters are bugs...."
> Lee I Joe

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