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Here in Central Florida, it went to 26 last night and morning wind chill was about 17.  Just heard that so far this December is the coldest December here in 50 years.  On the plus side, maybe it will kill off some more of the invasive Cuban tree frogs.

Bit by bit, I've been replacing some of my landscaping (such as it is) with native plants.  This freeze should kill off the giant split leaf plants in the front.  I hope to replace those with the silvery looking native palmettos.  

Hope everyone is keeping warm.

Looking at the bright side,

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One winter back in the '60, I hosted a two day meeting in Roanoke, Va.
Folk from NYC flew down with no heavy coat, because it was mild in NYC and 
hey were heading to the "South."
Big mistake.  :-)}
I also remember a winter (when I was working in Alaska) when Anchorage had 
ess snow and less degree days that DC.  Then again, another year I spent a 
ull Autumn in Anchorage in ONE WEEKEND -- flowers everywhere on Friday, 
verything snow-covered by Sunday.  From flowers to snow-covered defines 
utumn, right?

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