[at-l] 2011 Appalachian Trail will be 2181 miles, adds 1.9 miles.

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Thu Dec 16 13:19:07 CST 2010

On a side note, hiking in shallow crunchy snow is FUN!

It doesn't take a ton of clothes to get to zero. Light, medium and heavy
base on top. Light and medium on bottom. Precip or similar top and bottom.
Layered hats (wind and fleece). Neck gaiter. Ear wrap. Liner, wind and LOOSE
insulated gloves. Expedition weight socks. That's about it.

At 10 degrees, I don't even wear all of that. It's just practice.

Freezing rain at Bob Gap today. I hate that stuff. Bring back the snow!

(What a frikkin' trip!)
On Dec 16, 2010 1:00 PM, <hopeful_2003 at comcast.net> wrote:
>>2011 Appalachian Trail will be 2181 miles, adds 1.9 miles.
> If the weather cooperates, there will be a new relo between the Fontana
Marina and the Hilton by next hiking season. Actually, the new relo will
diverge off trail east about 100 yards from the marina parking lot. It will
connect with the current trail right at the boundary of the Forest Service
land and the TVA land which is about 100 yards trail south of the blue
> I've seen no official guess-timate about how much will be added but I'm
sure it wont be much, maybe a half mile tops. I walked the flag line and the
new route will be beautiful. It keeps to the lake's edge (trail east) and
follows a contour well about high pool level. All the PUDs will be removed
by side-hilling.
> If the Hilton was a great spot before, I think it will be all the nicer
now, especially if you arrive towards evening and get to see the mists
rising off the water. There are resident loons on the lake now and in my
view that adds all the more value to this shelter. TVA moved hot water
shower up to the restrooms on the blue blaze. The Fontana Village is under
different management from the group operating it back in 2003. When I went
to get updates for the Companion, those folks were so nice. The on site
manager expressed their desire to attract hikers.
> Some of the improvements that I notice over 2003 were at the little camp
store. They now have repair items for gear, enough food selection to get a
hiker through the Smokeys, all types of fuel including Coleman and alcohol
by the ounce and the canisters for the propane stoves, no espite tabs,
however. There is an arrangement with the post office to help hikers. The PO
is closed on Saturdays, but an employee is on hand a few hours in the
morning, 10-12, I think. They will answer a knock on the door to disburse
mail and packages (tell'um Hopeful sent you).
> Tell anybody you know who plans to hike next spring to bring warm stuff.
We are having a colder than normal fall and if this continues the winter may
be bitter like it was in 2010. We had snow in the valleys as far south as
the Chattanooga area already. It wasn't much but this hasn't happened in
decades. Honestly, I don't remember snow ever coming in early December in
Harrison.   Hopeful
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