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You rock my world. I just danged adore you. 


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>My trail maintaining partner, Jeff Schmidt, and I had the pleasure of helping to do the AT re-lo at Pine Grove Furnace State Park (home of the half-gallon challenge) this summer so that the trail now goes by the new AT Museum.  There is no mileage change there, just a re-alignment of where the footpath goes.....now passing the front of the General Store, looking dead-ahead at the old stone grist mill--now the Museum-- where it hangs a right down the small slope of a former road bed. through the new parking lot, and rejoins the paved portion of the AT through the park. 
>The museum will be open in April....weekend afternoons, I believe, until  Memorial Day.....then every day until Labor Day.  The first year attendance blew away all projected estimates......and the Museum Society is now planning what/how to extend the exhibit space and continue to develop the dream/plan.  Every thru-hiker should aim to arrive so that there's time to savor what is now there already.......and enhance the appreciation of what they are in the process of experiencing.  It's a fabulous place......belongs on every hiker's bucket list. 
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