[at-l] some more of this dozen of eggs...

Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Thu Dec 23 07:12:29 CST 2010

So...here I goes again.  12 years ago Monday....

After I left Flint Mt. Shelter, I did the climb up to Big Butt.
Somewhere in there was something nearly as strange as the 
'Z' in the
sky: An older model Chevy Blazer sitting in the middle of 
the Trail.
This was not on one of the many 'roads' (railroad grade or 
old logging
roads) that are prevalent in the area. This was on standard,
single-width AT. It was easily 1/2 a mile (Hmmm, 5 tenths), 
and probably
much more, from the nearest 'road' (the dirt road near the 
Monuments). The engine was still hot, and was popping and 
cracking as it
cooled. It caused a very uneasy feeling in me, as I didn't 
want to be
around if someone returned 'to the scene'. I did a quick 
look inside to
make sure that no one was inside and hurt. The window was 
open where
someone climbed out. Creepy.

I went out to the view at Blackstack Cliffs. They had been 
socked in
when I hiked this section the first time. Later, I saw a 
bear hunter
with an antenna about the same size as the one on my house. 
He was a
nice guy, I guess. I gave him M&Ms and Cheetos. This was at 
Laurel (?)
Shelter  (Little Laurel?). Somewhere between Old Hayesville 
Road and
Allen Gap, I found two bottles of Coke(the beverage). I 
drank one with a
snack at Allen Gap. I saw a guy litter. I hate litterers. I 
really do. I
made it up on top the mountain that Spring Mountain Shelter 
is on. I
can't think of the name of it. There was a nice Sunset that 
(Why did I capitalize 'Sunset'? I'll never know) Spring 
Mountain Shelter
had the loudest mouse I encountered on the hike. I never saw 
him. He was
between two layers of tin (I guess) roofing. Every move, 
every chew,
everything he did resonated through the whole 
metal-roof-amplifier. I'd
crack the roof with my fist and he'd quiet down for about 40 
seconds. He
drove me insane, I tell you. Insane. I was glad that I had 
the viles of
Coke. I slept on the right side of the shelter looking in. 
Seems like
something funny happened that night, but I can't remember what.
Something to do with alien spacecraft...I don't remember....

12 years ago Tuesday was possibly this:

  I hiked in to Hot Springs, NC. On the way, I passed
some hunter-type men. They were teaching an unhunter-type 
kid to be a
hunter-type kid. They were chasing, yes 'chasing' a squirrel 
through the
woods. Well, dad and junior were. Granddad was yelling at 
them. The
first thing I heard as I was coming down the hill (the hill 
that you go
down to get to the bridge over that highway north of HS) was 
a bunch of
shooting, then a bunch of yelling. I waited a little while, 
up the hill.
The shooting stopped, and I started again. The fellers were 
all standing
on the Trail when I got there, 'cept for the kid-type one. I 
talked to
them for a while. They were okay, just not real good 
hunter-types. At
least the kid-type one.

Anyway, I got to town at about 11. I called my good friend 
Kauzlaauzlaauzlarich. I ate fajitas while I waited for her. 
We went and
visited Wingfoot for a while. In fact, I think she met me at 
Wingfoot's house.
She took me to a grocery store in a town that wasn't Hot 
Springs. That
is where I did one of the things I regretted most on the 
entire hike. (I
did not regret the thing that happened in Buena Vista. I 
regretted the
results. Big difference.) I was in a grocery store, and a 
store, and a dime store. I did not regret this part. The 
part that I
regretted was the part that made me say "$15 for a 
disposable camera? No
way I'm paying $15 for a disposable camera." When I was in 
the Smokys, I
would have paid $115 bucks for half the camera. I would have 
given my
left liver for one on Thunderhead. I would give my GED 
certificate for
one picture of that sunset. (Were I to have my GED 
certificate, I mean.)

Again, anyway...I spent a very enjoyable evening with the
Kauzlaauzlaauzlariches. (From now on: Kuazes)  I also 
learned two things
about chickens here. Who would have
thought that there were two things I didn't know about 

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