[at-l] baker's dozen

Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Thu Dec 23 07:17:20 CST 2010

12 years ago yesterday, Marty and Alice took me back to Hot
Springs for to which I could resume my hiking. It was
raining/sleeting. Marty was drivin'. We met Wingfoot at the
restaurant (Smoky Mountain Diner, me thinks). Alice and Marty
ate and ran. Wingfoot and I had a nice, long chat. It
confirmed what I've always said: I like Wingfoot. It also
confirmed something I wasn't sure about: I wasn't going to
join ATML when I got home. I am not the type of guy Wingfoot
wants on his list. I am probably not the guy a lot of you
want on this list. I digress. Anyway, I knew that the
message I would bring back from my hike wasn't the message
that Dan was gonna want on the list. I realized that over

I left town in a cool drizzle, a little past noon. Walking
out of the last trailtown was a bittersweet thing. It was
dark and cold when I sat down on a Bluff Mt rock for a
Snickers Bar. It was much darker and colder when I got to
Roaring Fork Shelter. I think it was a little after 8. There
was another guy in the shelter, asleep. I quickly woke him.
We had a nice long chat. He was a mind doctor of some sort.
I played with his while he studied mine. (Minds, that is).
It got VERY cold that night. It warmed up enough to be
raining the next morning, though.

I forgot to tell you this: I believe that every day from
Erwin to Springer was either raining, sleeting, snowing or
no more than 25*. This is VERY true.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"
ALT '03 KT '03

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