[at-l] Merry Christmas to my AT friends

hopeful_2003 at comcast.net hopeful_2003 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 23 11:05:46 CST 2010

This season is so special to me, I look forward to this time of year beginning annually about Dec 26. My wish and prayer for each of you is to have family close and to connect with them in the sort of peace that our Trail community shares. May each of you have health and happiness in the coming year. 

I can contain my excitement no longer so I wish to let you all know that I started my Trailjournal entries for 2011. A few months ago I was sitting on our back porch with my precious and supportive wife. (This is mush not sarcasm) As so often happens with me, the conversation turned to the Trail. Mrs Hopeful noted that we are not getting any younger and if I were ever to do another thruhike, I had better do it soon. Well, here we go again. Hopeful 
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