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Me too!
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> Never. Loved it. (the punctuation in this sentence makes all the
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> On Dec 24, 2010, at 4:08 PM, Felix J <AThiker at smithville.net> wrote:
> 12/24/98 Mt. Moma's-Davenport Gap, NC
> So, twelve years ago this morning, I got up and went in to
> Mt. Moma's to tell her
> thanks for dinner and Merry Christmas, and stuff. She said,
> "Well, ya better sit
> down and have a cup of coffee." I did. I also had a cup of
> cake, with a
> little Santa on top. We talked for a while. It was very
> nice. I went
> outside, to the payphone, and called Pokey. I hadn't talked
> to her in
> six weeks. Not since the day she left the Trail in Linden.
> It was good to
> hear the old girl's voice. I cried. She cried. She said
> "You're breakin'
> my heart here." I suppose. I hung up, turned and walked
> across the
> parking lot in another heavy rain. Emotions were leaking out
> of my very
> existence (I don't even know what that means other than it
> was an
> emotional little walk). Everything was wet and muddy.
> I got my Smokys' permit at the ranger station and Ranger
> George gave me a
> ride to the Trail. We had a nice chat. His two-way radio
> kept talking
> about roads being closed and how bad the weather was. Kinda
> exciting. He
> let me out and said something like "I'm supposed to tell you
> you shouldn't go,
> or something. But, I know you won't listen. So, good luck."
> He smiled. I headed
> into the Smokys. The Trail was covered with chunks of ice
> the size of golf balls.
> I cranked the Walkman and hiked on. My thoughts were
> swimming in the conversation
> I had had with Pokey. I wasn't paying attention to much
> around me other than the
> Rhododendrons that were hanging down on the Trail, covered
> with ice.
> I hiked the .9 miles to Davenport Gap Shelter and stopped
> for a quick snack and to
> check the register. As I sat there, I heard a God-awful
> sound. A tree had come
> crashing down just behind the shelter. Actually, it was just
> the top half. But, with
> the extra weight of the ice, the sound was incredible and
> intense. I thought "Wow!!!"
> I went back inside the shelter. Another crash. I went back
> outside and did a little
> closer inspection. It was just then that I realized that I
> was in the middle of a full-force ice
> storm. Every tree was bent, or sagging, because of the extra
> weight of the rain and ice.
> Trees were popping, exploding. A tree would groan a few
> times, and then, at a point nature
> chose to be the weakest, it would explode and the top would
> plummet to the ground,
> ice flying off the branches at impact. It was so cool, and
> scary.
> I decided I wanted out of the shelter. I figured I'd have a
> better chance seeing a tree
> coming at me from outside. I signed the register and headed
> up the hill. The next few
> hours were some of the most incredible hours I've ever
> spent. Watching nature do her
> thing, from the inside, was amazing. Climbing through
> treetops with branches covered in
> ice as think as your wrist, listening as the next top falls
> 30 feet in front, or behind you,
> is an indescribable experience. (That's why I'm doing such a
> poor job of describing it.)
> This went on for nearly two hours. As I climbed higher on
> the ridge, the air got warmer,
> and the rain remained rain. I could still hear trees falling
> below me. I was glad it was over,
> but glad that I'd been part of it, too. It rained every step
> this day. I took a break at Cosby
> Knob and not again until Tricorner Knob Shelter (8 miles
> later). The shelter was a mud pit.
> It usually is.
> Some months after this night, I was sent copies of my
> register entry from Tricorner Knob
> Shelter. I just e-mailed Bug Bite to see if I can coerce
> her, bribe her, beg her...to send me
> a scan of the register again. That way I can post them
> again, only bigger. (which won't really help the
> readability of them because that'll just mean my poor
> penmanship is bigger). Until then, the
> pages of that night's entry can be found here (you may have
> to cut and paste or type the address
> in manually). It was a nice night to be alive. I can still
> feel the air of that dank shelter. I miss it.
> http://felixhikes.tripod.com/AT/register1.jpg
> http://felixhikes.tripod.com/AT/register2.jpg
> http://felixhikes.tripod.com/AT/register3.jpg
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