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When you leaving for hike?  Sounds like this year.  Plodder 

I hope to start out with Circuit Rider and Sherlock on March 22. We'll only get as far as Black Gap shelter so the next day March 23 we'll actually be at the Plaque. I hope I can keep up with them as far as the Smokeys but after that they'll need to pick up the pace. This is probably best anyway so there will be multiple "lights" on the Trail. It would be nice to have a regular ministry partner, however. 

One of the issues hikers used to deal with was pay phones. There were not so many and there was always a line of folks wanting to use it. On this trip I'll bring my cell phone and charger. It's funny, down in the towns there isn't always a connecting but the varison systems works great up on the tops. I'll be sure to give y'all a call when I get near Erwin and Damascus. Hopeful
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