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>Neat, but don't keep us in suspense; can you describe the gloves and hat in a tad more detail so we can rush >out and get 'em for ourselfs! : ) 

Hey everybody, I feel dumb; didn't realize I was sending my emails to Vcat and Plodder to the whole list also. That said, Mrs Hopeful got the hat and gloves at a new place called Academy Sports. For a big box type store it actually has some decent gear for backpacking. The hat and gloves-converting to mitts- are by a comply called Manzella. They have a webpage, just put the 3 w's in front and the dot com at the end. 

It is very windy here in Harrison and it's only 30°F on our back porch which is sunny and protected. I was shocked to look out a bit ago and see that nearly all the ice is off our road. So, no more wandering aimlessly about the yard. It's time for a real test. I'll head out and walk my 3 miles circuit over the hills in our neighborhood. Recently, our county has opened the Enterprise South Nature Park. During WW2 the property was the site of a TNT plant which operated until after Vietnam. For about 20 years the land sat unused. Finally it was turned over as a joint holding to Chattanooga and Hamilton Co. Is anybody interested in this blather? Where was I, oh, nature park. They have developed several miles of walking and biking trails with horse trails (are you listening Liteshoe?)to come in the future. There are real dirt paths through real woods over small hills. I love it. I'll be visit this new place a lot as I train up for March.  Hopeful
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