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Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Wed Dec 29 21:05:56 CST 2010


Much didn't happen to me on this day. I got up and hiked the 10
miles, or so, to Fontana Dam. Pittsburgh was going to try to be there to
pick me up so we could watch some football together. He wasn't in the
parking lot at the dam. He wasn't in the parking lot near the dam. He
wasn't in the parking lot near the shelter. He wasn't in the parking lot
near the highway. He wasn't at the highway. So, I hitched a ride to the
motel with a guy who was stoned. That time of morning on a Sunday and
the guy was stoned. The ride would have been scary enough without the
added element of drugs in his veins. I made it, though. I checked into
my room, wanting to watch football and take showers. The black and white
Philco wouldn't pick up a station that carried a football game. In fact,
I'm not entirely sure it picked up ANY station.  So, I took showers.
Lots of showers. Showers became my hobby. I loved showers.

I got in touch with Kahley and found out Pittsburgh had had transmission
trouble in his van and was unable to make it. That evening the woman who
runs the motel took me to town...I think Robbinsville. We went to the
grocery store and to Kentucky Fried Chicken back when that was still the
name of the place.  I remember eating a 'Three piece dinner' in my
room....and, needing to take a shower. And, I did.

12/28   Fontana Dam, NC

When the guy that runs the motel dropped me off at the Trail it started
sprinkling. It soon began pouring, and did the rest of the day. 'twas
a miserable day. Ask the group of young boys that were there with their
fathers. I passed them, about 12 in all, in little groups. They weren't
having much fun. I hiked on to Stecoah Gap. As I began to cross the highway,
heading to Sassafras Gap Shelter, rain still falling, I was very pleased
to see a large, hairy man emerge from a small, steamy car. 'twas my good
buddy Pittsburgh there to see me, and take me to more showers. (Seperate
showers, mind ya.) After hiking all day with cold water pounding me, I
couldn't wait to spend a few minutes with hot water pounding me.

We stayed in Robbinsville that night and watched the Steelers take a pounding
at the hands of the Jags, I think.  At least it was a nice room. With a shower.


After a night in Robbinsville with Pittsburgh, and a 
restaurant-cooked breakfast, he dropped me off at Stecoah Gap.
The day was drizzly, overcast, chilly and uneventful. It was 
Tuesday. I called my mom from NOC. It's always good
to talk to your mom. (Then again, I didn't call your mom...) 
I took a break at Rufus Morgan Shelter and it was dark
when I left there for Wesser Bald Shelter. Somewhere in 
between, it started to snow. Temps were dropping and it
was unpleasant. After I got to the shelter, I walked around 
in the wind-blown snow, looking for a non-existent privy.
No, I would not have looked had I known it didn't exist. It 
got very cold that night. Cold and windy. My sleeping
bag had snow on it in the morning.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"
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