[at-l] "I'm jus' sayin'"

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 31 07:40:50 CST 2010

Felix's long-time sardonic sign-off is now officially passé -- I heard it ranks right there with "repudiate" and such as 2010's Top Clichés. Oh well.

(Ir)Regardless, the other news on break-ups and management changes suggests the Felixian/Bloomington gravy train may have hit a bump in the rails. Seems Ol' John (latest release "Nothing better than this"??) and Elaine (inspiration of the ZZTop lyric, "She got legs!") are parting ways. Either that means double-duty for Fee, or half-time, I fear.


Well, I *won't* be on top of ol' Springer tonight -- much the shame. I *will* be enjoying great tunes, howsomeever. I'll take that, in a pinch.


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