[at-l] Hitchhiking to Ashland

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Fri Dec 31 15:16:09 CST 2010

A few years ago, Gutsy and I hitched from the PCT into Ashland CA for Greyhound bus. We waved a $20 bill and a woman stopped her pickup and said she would take us to town but insisted that we first make a side trip to check out a school bus she wanted to buy and live in.  She liked the junky bus but wanted our approval, too, and we obliged. That added at least an hour to the hitch, but we definitely saw some local color.

I got a hitch from a young man driving a very beat up car with most of the glass busted out. As I got, I noticed what looked like bullet holes in the door. Says?I to him, "Thanks for the ride, I'm trying to get to town to resupply." Says he to me, "We'll have to take the long way in 'cause some fellers are mad and they shoot at me if?they see me go by their house." After re-supplying I walked back to the trail.? Hopeful

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