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Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Fri Dec 31 16:57:52 CST 2010

   12/31/98    23.5 miles I think

After a nice night in a real bed, I was given the task of 
going through the
pack of my hosts' nephew. He was going to start a northbound 
next day, New Year's Day. All I shall say is he had 13 MREs 
with him.
He had two spatulas, a whisk, two spoons and forks, two 
knives and a nice
zippered carrying case for them all.  He had a gun.  He had 
a GPS.  He had
food other than the 13 MREs. He had a lot of stuff.
After spending some time telling him what I wouldn't take 
and giving him
advice (which was mainly "I wouldn't take all of that"), the 
couple who'd
picked me up and given me a bed for the night took me back 
to Winding
Stair Gap.  They then took 'Tank'...which is the trailname I 
gave their nephew, on
to Springer for his next-day start.

It was well past dark when I got to Carter Gap Shelter. 
There was a Marine
on leave there. He had a great fire going. I stopped for a 
snack and warmed
myself by the fire. He was amazed when I put my snack bag 
away and strapped
my pack on. "Where you going?" I told him I had to get to 
the next shelter.
"That's 7 miles!" "Yeah, I know. Happy New Year to ya" I 
said as I walked away.

I had a blast hiking up Standing Indian Mountain. It was a 
beautiful night and I was
listening to a great college football game. (The folks who 
put me up the night before
were at this game in Atlanta. I've been told it was Clemson 
and somebody else playing.
Orangebug knows) I had trouble finding the water that night. 
There was snow on the
ground and the trail to the creek was indiscernible. It was 
about 10 when I got in bed
for the last time. I woke up at 11:30 to a group of 
flashlights shining in the shelter at me.
When they saw me, they turned and left. I never saw them 
again. I'm guessing it was a
group going up to the summit for the New Year's countdown. 
This was the first New
Year's that I was asleep at Midnight since the early 70's. I 
didn't mind.  Now, I'm almost
always asleep my midnight on New Year's Eve.


Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"
ALT '03 KT '03

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