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Once years ago, I was trying to start at Devil's Fork Gap and go toward Erwin.  I had the hardest time getting from Davenport Gap to Erwin, took me several tries.  Anyway, I was alone that time and got lost almost immediately after I'd gotten off the road, although I didn't know it at the time.  I was following some kind of trail with faint blazes, but God only knew where I was.  Finally, I came across some ramp hunters, a man and 'his woman'.  He decided to take me out of the woods.  They had driven their truck into the woods, so we bumped and jolted and flopped back to a road.  He made me sit in the front seat and 'his woman' in back.  I still smelled pretty good because I hadn't been out but one morning.  They delivered me to his cousin and her husband, who took me all the way back to my car.  When I arrived at our son's apartment house in Knoxville, the elevator door opened, and there stood our son, d-in-l, and our daughter leaving to go pick up a pizza with MY PURSE in hand!!!  They generously decided to pick up enough for me, too.  

Once, between Beauty Spot and Unaka Mountain, husband David and I were parceling out our water because we hadn't seen any for 18 hrs. or so.  As we crossed the road down in there to find the spring, we saw a Geo Metro coming along.  The driver stopped, and we asked him how was the best way to get out.  They were a couple of hunters with their equipment.  It was still hunting season on one side of the road, but not the other.  We got to the spring and the pump broke immediately.  We drank the water anyway.  As we were sitting beside the road eating our lunch, the hunters came back.  "We decided we can hunt another day, but y'all will never get out of here on your own."  Likely true.  One of the guys had a row of earrings in one ear.  David commented later that they don't make hunters the way they used to.  <G>  Had the driver not been a neat-nick and had the car Completely cleaned out of everything except their gear, we'd have never gotten in.  One pack went in the back and one over our laps.  They drove us all the way to Kincora.  Good thing, too, because David got a call about an emergency at home at church, and I got tick bites sitting by that road eating lunch and had rocky mountain spotted fever by the time we got back to IN.  

A near-hitch hike experience was interesting, too.  My current hiking partner and I were in MD, I think, and crossed a road.  Roads have a huge pull for me, and I Always want to go into town when we cross one.  <G>  We sat on the guardrail and prayed for a ride because my partner wanted a hot dog in the worst way.  We never did get a ride, but we hiked on and stayed at what I think was Devil's Racecourse shelter, the one that was literally falling down around us.  I was scared the whole time.  Anyway, before dark a couple of men about our age showed up with a whole pkg of hot dogs and shared them with her.  How cool was that?!

Then there was the time that Waterfall and I had gotten rides with a couple going from Trail Days to Knoxville.........  

Happy New Year, y'all!


Humankind (be both)

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