[at-l] snow shoe questions

Cody Girl codycodygirl at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 17:07:07 CST 2010

My brother is keeping one of my dogs for me this summer, so before I head
out in March I have to get that dog out to his home.  I had a message from
him today, wanting to know if while I'm there would I want to go snow
shoeing at Ouray CO.   Well, YES!

LOL!  Never been there, never been snow shoeing before.  I know nothing!  I
assume he has some kind of gear solution in mind (can you rent these? do you
need special boots?) or he wouldn't have suggested it, so List!  What do I
need to know before I go diving into this?

Thanks in advance, as always!
Cody The Tortoise
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