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     You can absolutely rent snowshoes! Most gear shops, and especially 
ski shops, will rent them. No you don't need special boots, though you 
do need good winter boots. Snowshoes strap onto your boots, there is no 
mechanical binding like on skis and snowboards. I've actually used my 
trail runners with snowshoes while adventure racing. Just remember you 
have to step higher and make sure you complete your stride before taking 
another step or you'll trip over yourself. HAVE FUN!!
> LOL!  Never been there, never been snow shoeing before.  I know 
> nothing!  I assume he has some kind of gear solution in mind (can you 
> rent these? do you need special boots?) or he wouldn't have suggested 
> it, so List!  What do I need to know before I go diving into this?

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