[at-l] You navy Ursula Join Tea

Felix athiker at bluemarble.net
Tue Feb 2 09:47:59 CST 2010

As those at the Ruck know, I had some truck troubles on my way to Pine Grove
Friday. Universal joint went for its melodious squeak at low speeds to its angry
growling at 70. Had to have some love done on it in Chambersburg Monday. Junker
and his wife were stellar...stellar, I say...in their doling out of trail magic.
They put me up for the night on Sunday and fed me and toted me around and found
the mechanic to work on it for cheaper than it woulda cost me at home! So, next
time you see one of them, tell 'em thanks for being good folx.  

I now find myself in Baltimore at my sister's. I didn't know when she told me
she'd gone 'vegan' that it meant no bacon....can you imagine? NO BACON????  

Surely there're some frozen veal cutlets down there somewhere.

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