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A little "ah ha" moment.  Maybe we should put our names on our poles.  Use those little name labels covered with clear packing tape; would that work?  Sort of like our Mom's used to sew name tags in our clothes when we went to camp.  :)  
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  Did anyone here leave a set of hiking poles behind at the Ruck?  I took home one set thinking they were someone else's that I would be able to return to them.  They weren't.  If you think they are yours, get in touch with me with a description.

  Another set being reported left behind at the Ruck on White Blaze is NOT the set I took home.

  Ray, at the hostel, knows I took home one set but doesn't have a description so will not know one missing set from another.

  Hope to hear from the rightful owner soon...

  Stitches, AT99

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