[at-l] Animated White Mtns Snowfall Map

Weathercarrot weathercarrot at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 11 13:03:30 CST 2010

Hi - 

After several years on the back-burner, my AT snowmaps are finally getting revived and enhanced.
As a preview, here is the link for an animated version of AT snow map 26. It's better seen in
HD (720p). 
You might have to pause and let it load for a bit before resuming.


the description with the video says this:

This is an animated version of map #26, part of a series of 30
hand-drawn maps depicting 
annual average snowfall along the entire
Appalachian Trail corridor from Springer Mountain, GA 
to Katahdin, ME.
A website, currently under construction, will offer all 30 maps in full
resolution. as well as background info, data sources, and a
variety of project photos documenting
the several-year history and
process of creating the maps. 


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