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Interesting.  The historians among us will remember that the southern terminus wasn't always on Springer.  The original terminus was on Oglethorpe Mountain, a bit to the southeast on the Appalachian chain.  The terminus was moved to Springer long ago due to development pressures on and around Oglethorpe.  I've been to the top of Oglethorpe (driven). It's a pretty sad place.  I major communications tower and building of some sort (I think for air traffic control), a monument to Oglethorpe, on of the founders of the colony of Georgia, that is bad in need of restoration.  
I don't have any problem with extending the AT if it can be done and maintained properly.  I think that's what the folks in Alabama were saying.  I'm actually sort of impressed that there's enough trail interest in Alabama to want to think about this.  

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  I couldn't tell if it said how much longer the Trail would be if it makes it to Flagg Mountain. Did it say?  I'm gonna stick
  to my 'not much for change' guns on this one, though.  

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