[at-l] AT in Alabama?

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I was planning a Pinhoti section hike last year but scrapped that when the opportunity arose to visit my buddy Dangerzone in Alaska and spend the two weeks vacation there.
I suppose I'd better hike the Alabama section of the Pinhoti while I'm still here, before I pack up and move to West Virgina.
Anybody out there live in or around Charleston? If so, care to give me your impressions of the area? 

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> The Pinhoti ends on the BMT. So you'd have to backtrack to Sptinger. Not sure how far.
> Eventually, probably after we're all dead, there really will be a way to walk a trail all the way from Key West to Nova Scotia--without any road walks. Except the usual and customary, of course. (Hot Springs, Damascus, et al.)
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> Art Cloutman wrote: 
> It said something about 171 miles.
> Yeah...171 of the Pinhoti in Alabama and 154 in Georgia...  But, I'm not sure exactly where that would take you in regards to Springer.  
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