[at-l] AT in Alabama?

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Nothing, and no one seriously suggested that that I'm aware of.  There are short segments of the AT that *might* be amenable to making accessible and some already are (the short segment that is a paved path at Pinnacles Picnic Ground in Shenandoah NP comes to mind).  I'm an advocate for the Potomac Heritage NST, and one route that I'm exploring is a segment on an already handicap accessible trail.  I think its pretty neat when our differently-abled friends can say "I hiked on the XXX Trail".  
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  >From what I remember, back when I thru-hiked in 1997 there was talk a 
  movement to make the AT handicap accessible.  Yes, pave the entire AT. 
  Whatever became of it???

  Okay, so I am a month and a half early, but it was either on the radio or in 
  print back in 97...yes about a month and a half from now.


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