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Sun Feb 14 12:36:10 CST 2010

Frank....you said to Felix.....

"I'm guessing that if the ATC has any say in the matter (duh), that it will never happen. Nothing to do with good or bad idea. Just not *their* idea."

Why do you assume that the ATC is agin' extending the AT.....or that they only support ideas engendered within?  While they (that means "me," too) keep a clear focus on protecting and preserving what has so long been fought for,  I can't imagine that the organization that is full of individuals who love hiking and trails would simplistically fight any other trail's establishment or existence.  Do you think there is a movement to oppose the establishment of the GET?

There may very well be strong argument to keep the McKay idea as the AT (as far as NAME goes) ....and any connecting Key West/FT/Pinhoti extension as the IAT....which it already is...as far as there are existing trails.  Afterall, the Long Trail exists...and the AT includes  a good portion of the Long Trail.

As far as trail organizations supporting the Alabama trail....I believe that the Florida Trail Association was very pleased with the connecting of the FT to the Alabama  line and the proposed Pinhoti Trail to connect to Springer.   

I fail to comprehend the anti-ATC notions sometimes expressed in this forum.  The nuts and bolts, the watch-dog alertness to intrusion and damage, the planning and carrying out (with coordination and cooperation) of maintenance and necessary relocations  to the AT (it's health and nourishment) is carried out by that organization and volunteers.....and they WOULD NOT be consistently carried out without the ATC helping to keep a unified focus on priorities and endangerments.  If you are not a part of the organization you may not be aware of the extent of the care that is required to protect it.  It's a great deal more than the occasional newspaper or magazine article that may or may not be well researched or written.  Those writers are seldom committed hikers with a deep love of trails.....though sometimes we luck out and one of them comes along and writes a trail love-story. 

Just my take....on your comment.  So....now you know where I stand.  Hope you enjoyed the snow.  We've had enough up here in Baltimore !


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