[at-l] Dissing the ATC....

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I can't speak for others on the list but the Appalachian Trail Conservancy is 
not the Appalachian Trail Conference, which I started working with in the late 

The Conference was an organization of volunteer trail clubs that coordinated 
solutions to common concerns of the member clubs.  It was a true volunteer 

Following the influx of Federal money and the increased role of the NPS, the 
Conservancy has become a top down organization of professionals (We know more 
than any volunteers, we are professionals.) focused on raising/following 
money.  Some seem to see the AMC (Appalachian Money Club) as the way of the 

They may be right.  The days of true volunteer participation may be a thing of 
the past.  Maybe, the only future is the way of many charities and other 
private nonprofit organization -- paid people directing paid people spending 
money raised (for the most part) by paid people, w/ volunteer helping around 
the edge with fundraising (We have volunteers standing by to take your 

As always, YMMV


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I fail to comprehend the anti-ATC notions sometimes expressed in this forum.


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