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Interesting, just had a Triple Crowner at the house last week.  She said the FT was kicking her where it counts, and the FT is not for sissies.  Also, PLEASE remember that it can get darn cold here.  Don't come with a 40 degree bag (as some advised her).  It can freeze way far south of Orlando.  If you've been wading that day and there's a 20 mph wind, hypothermia is a seriousl threat. You WILL get wet on the FT.   

Yes, some years it's quite mild and you'll sweat a lot.  This year, everyone is freezing.  Plan for the worst extremes.

Joan in Orlando where it was a high of 55 with 20 mph winds yesterday

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wear wet shoes!

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We have some Florida Trail experts on this list, right?

Would one of you contact me off-list? I have some questions about the logistics of setting up an FT hike.


--Ken Bennett

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