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> Felix, you seen this?
> >From '06, it's still a favorite.....
> This video is THE reason to SOBO the AT...
> I love the camera shot at 6:15, and the lyric that starts
> right there....
> Tracy Bonham - Shine Lyrics
Album: Blink The Brightest

Laying flat on our backs
Picking our favorite stars
We try shining back from this roof of ours
But after a while you say �it seems pretty far�
I think you forgot how bright you are

Shine shimmer and you shine

It's been one hell of a year
The sky is battered and bruised
But I'm still hanging on all because of you
'Cause you held up the sun
And you never let go
The world needs you now more than you'll ever know

Shine shimmer and you shine
Shimmer and you shine
The northern pines and our teenage sky is still in your eyes

When we're eighty years old
And you can't see a thing
You must not forget how much light you bring

Shine shimmer and you shine
Brightly you will shine
Shine shimmer and you shine

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