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Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 18 05:58:33 CST 2010

### Concur-age here. I knew something was askew in bureaucratic priorities when the phrase "stealth maintenance" was invented.... What do people in AMC-land have to do? "Robin-Hood maintenance"?? Mebbe with masks and alternate Nom de via?  I could see it now.... [borrowing from Reservoir Dogs]

"Mister Blue, you carry the mattocks and garbage bags. Mister Green, you carry the chainsaw and maps. Mister Pink, you carry the --"

"Hey! Why am I 'Mister Pink'? Why can't I be Mister Blue or Mister...."

[MUST!    STAY!    OFF! YOUTUBE! Sooooo HARD!]

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> That 'bout nails it.
> Nothing I can add.
> Chainsaw
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> Well, I'm a paid-up member, volunteer, and still don't like
> the changes of the past few years.
> It's a business now. Maybe thay was inevitable, but us old
> folks are not required to like it.
> And speaking just for myself, I differentiate between the
> local clubs and the Big Org. I can't speak fot others.
> FrankenLooper

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