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L. Clayton Parker l.clayton.parker at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 11:44:53 CST 2010

Lunacy, its lunacy I tell you....

But I am seriously considering heading up Mitchell early Saturday
morning. Hope to make the peak in a day....18 miles, some of it on

What was that thread last week about how fast/far can you go on
snowshoes? Guess I will know by Sunday. Worst case, Pinnacle Springs
camp is just this side of the Parkway, if I make it by lunch I stand a
chance of making Camp Alice by dark, if not....well there is Plan B.

Lee I Joe

On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 00:19 -0500, Weathercarrot wrote:

> Through today's date, for the season so far, the NC mountains have had
> record snow.  We'll have to see if this year exceeds the legendary
> winter of 1959-60.  Mount Mitchell officially has 55 inches on the
> ground (400 vertical feet below the summit - so likely deeper up top)
> with more to come.  The snow stake on Mount Mansfield (VT) is at 61
> inches, so Mitchell may soon surpass it, which would be extremely rare
> for this time of year......
> Beech Mtn, NC will top 100 inches of snowfall (not depth) for the
> season tonight, and Snowshoe, WV will probably reach 200 inches for
> the season this week. Interestingly, the seasonal average for Snowshoe
> is almost exactly twice the seasonal Beech Mtn average....   Dulles
> airport is at 73.2 inches - an all-time seasonal record......
> wc
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