[at-l] What? Her? Fall? No way...

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Why, you're just a young spring chicken, Miz Dawg! Who knew?

I've been telling people I'm 40 for the last five years, so I guess I'll
finally be telling everyone the truth. :)

And, to make this trail-related ... it's above freezing (38*) here in
the trail town of Franklin, NC. When I dropped my little girl off at the
sitter's this morning, I thought, "How nice and warm this weather is!"
It felt like it must be at least 50*, so I was surprised when I got back
in my car and the thermometer read 35*.

It reminded me of my last day in the Smokies back in 2000. The temps
stayed below freezing, and the Park nothing but snow and ice, for my
entire hike through the Park until the last day, when the sun came out
and it warmed up to the high 30's. We stopped at one point to remove our
outer layers for a few minutes and lie back against our packs, soaking
up the sun and enjoying the "warmth." We were surrounded by snow and it
was still too cold to stay there long, but that little break was
absolute heaven while it lasted! 

Waterfall, looking forward to warmer weather and our first hike with
little "Scout"

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Welcome. I'm actually 27. Which I have been for several years now. And
which I plan on being for the forseeable future. :)

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