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Sun Feb 21 19:55:03 CST 2010

This afternoon we finally managed a real hike for the first time since the last big snow.  We kept trying, but two feet of soft powder was more work than fun.  Good for snowshoeing, but still hard work.  Every place we've tried to get out lately, the only ones who had gone more than 1/4 mile were on skis.  So we would walk/posthole for 1/2 mile to a mile, then turn around.  It has been frustrating.  


Yesterday we drove past the AT over I-70 and it struck me that that was a very popular trailhead.  Maybe there would be tracks.  Even better, the sun has been shining, so I had hope that the trail might even be down to dirt.  Maybe we could finally hike without having to worry about the snow?  Well, that didn't happen.  The mountain is still completely snow covered, but at least the trail was well packed.  When we got off the trail, the snow was still very soft and we would poke through a foot deep, but the main path was wide and solid.  We left the car around 2:00, walked up to Annapolis Rocks and enjoyed the view of white fields and forest below, then slipped and slid our way back to the car.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  A lot of people were out enjoying the trail - 12 dayhikers, 2 snowshoers and one backpacker.  And that was just the late afternoon contingent.  We didn't see any wildlife but squirrels, but there were lots of tracks.  It's an easy section, and as it turns out, a good choice on a sunny snowy day.




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