[at-l] Hi, guys! Long time no post

Delita Wright delita.wright at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 22:29:45 CST 2010

Hey, all. Good to see so many familiar names here (having read the last
several days on my phone) after so long away.

I'm very happy to report my *hiking blood* is getting back up. After
learning to backpack and getting into hiking for a few years I gained so
much weight that backpacking just wasn't an option. Currently, I'm back down
to where I was when I was hiking, and, all my old hiking duds fit again!

I'm eyeing the *Falls Lake Trail* section of the *Mountain to the Sea
trail*here in NC. I hiked part of this as one of my first hikes - I
think the very
first one - that I tried as a test hike. Now they've finished three more
sections and the trail is 26 miles, so I'm thinking of hiking it as a loop
to get a few days in. Has anyone done this?

Also, I did a trip report on that trip which I couldn't find in the
archives. This would have been about 1999. Is there a way to search those

In the meantime I'm determined to just get back to some walking in the woods
(or out) just to start getting back in shape for hiking and then get the
gear out of storage.

Looking forward to Spring and very happy to find you guys again. My address
is still Chapel Hill but I'm currently living in a 31' motorhome mostly in


Chapel Hill, NC, USA

In consistency is the key to victory
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