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Another consideration is that you can't fly with all the things that we need to have in our packs, like fluids and fuels and such.  When we went to Spain in 2002, admittedly a lifetime ago in airline terms, we were hiking the Camino and didn't need a tent and sleeping pads and stoves.  I found hard mesh bags in the laundry section at Walmart that, with negotiating, held our packs and poles snugly.  The packs got all the way to Spain and back with no damage at all.  By hard mesh, I mean that they were made of some kind of plastic, rather than nylon.  

Could you Carry-on your poles?  When I had a knee replacement, I used one of my poles during rehab, and I carried it onto the plane as my cane.


Humankind (be both)

Jim, do you have 2 piece or 3 piece poles? I got three piece poles just so I could travel with them... Found a bag from EMS that my pack and poles just barely fit into, I think their medium size duffle, the large size was huge...

I may be flying without my pack this summer... given the airline fee gouges I'm going to seriously look at shipping my pack via UPS

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