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   Just recently, I found a bunch of the (nice) people that I went to school with. I was SO tickled. Even more amazing, some of them were still recognizable!
   At this point,  it's not about disagreeing with anyone. Most of the more active folks on this list are very active over there. And if like to do both, nobody is harmed in the making of that film.
   One other good thing. Political "discussions" can happen somewhere else, and we don't waste Ryan's money on non-hiking bandwidth.
   AT-L will always be my first love. It is where I got my first LD hiking advice in 2003. But a man can love more than one woman, just so he remembers where he sleeps. Wait. That didn't sound right. Anyway, I love AT-L; I love FB. The two don't have to be a problem with each other.
   Eddy: I'm not mad at you. Neither is anyone else. Please don't stop posting because a few people disagrred with you. If I did that, I wouldn't get to post anywhere very long. :-)

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Eddy writ:  thats a bummer that they all have become sheeple.  I am holding out on the facebook thing.
Eddy, here's a response that I posted not so long ago on the WomenHiker's list.  ....
Ratty writ:  Facebook looks to me like the chaos of the girls' bathroom in junior high school. Way too much clutter and dumb stuff going on. I ditched it almost immediately.

 I hate to hear that for you, Ratty.  I am having a totally different experience with FB.  FB allows me to play Scrabble with Michael while he is stationed overseas.  Also, he can send me a message on FB which in turn sends me a text alert on my cell phone and therefore can get in touch with me whenever, whereever I may be.... GOTTA LOVE THAT!!!
FB has enabled me to catch up with old friends from high school as well as previous co-workers.  I also keep up with my college age daughter as well as my two younger daughters that unfortunately live with their father now full-time.
Yes, I play games on it when I am totally bored.  But, I have also been able to hook up with other hikers as well as gain information on organizations near and dear to my heart.
As with anything it is a Hike Your Own Hike world out there.  Not everyone is going to love everything.  But, I LOVE FB.  :)
I will also add to this post that Michael has become just as addicted as I am.  He has been trying to get in touch with some old Army buds of his from about 20 years ago... and he discovered a whole bunch of them just yesterday!  I love hearing the excitement in his voice as he tells me stories about these guys.  Catching up with them later in life is doing him so good as he has often wondered about what became of them.
 Tenacious Tanasi 

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