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Got to http://hammockforums.net. They're a bunch of knotheads. You can probably do a search of the site and find animated tutorials of most major knots via link.

Most used knots while (hammock) hiking, IMO: lark's head, bowline, square knot, two half hitches (or four for extremely slippery line), fisherman's knot (even better than four half hitches for slippery line, but VERY hard to untie. Brink a knife <G>), Hennessy knot and slip knot (mask optional).

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Just got an e-mail from a scout leader (boys 10-12) who's looking for someone to help teach her kids a whole bunch of things to get their Outdoorsman acitivity pins.  One of the things they're supposed to know is knots and using knots in camping.
Frankly, I'm about clueless on knots--except for the knot that has a quick release for tying a horse.  Or the way to tie the cinch on a Western saddle. 
What knots do you use when hiking/camping and under what circumstances? 
A frayed knot,

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