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Thanks for all the advice from everyone.  I'm heading to the "junk room" (what I have in Florida instead of an attic or basement) to find the bear bagging rope. Then I can spend this predicted rainy afternoon learning some knots!

Joan, slightly less frayed

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If you only learn four, you can get by with a two half-hitches, slip knot, 
owline and square knot. Why specifically a square knot, since it is hard to 
ntie after being under tension? Way back in the caveman days, that was the one 
nd only knot in the Tenderfoot exam in Boy Scouts. It would be good to know it 
hen they get there. If it's still in the test, at least.
When I made the earlier long list, I forgot you were asking for Cub Scouts. 
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This page is awesome:
I learned a lot of knots at combat engineer school awhile back, but the ones I 
se most are:
figure eight
irth hitch
and I would have them know:
figure 8 double loop
rucker's hitch
love hitch
quare knot (not as useful as many people think)
ound turn and 2 half hitches
imber hitch
rusik knot
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